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rx2Modern Solutions... Doctors Center Pharmacy is proud to offer a modern solution to your medication challenges with contemporary pharmacy compounding.

What is Compounding? Although compounding dates back for centuries, during the 1950s, compounding became less common as commercially available medications became readily available. With the help of modern technology, compounding has regained popularity.

Most importantly, compounding allows doctors, patients and pharmacists to work together as a team, customizing medications to fit the needs of each individual patient.

Solutions Compounding Offers:


*Patients requiring different dosage strengths and dosage forms
*Patients with allergies to certain ingredients in manufactured drugs
*Veterinary Medicine
*Pediatrics (flavor additives and liquid medications)
*Home Health Care Patients
*Hospice Patients
*Hormone Replacement Therapy

Compounding Formulations Offered: Liquids  Troches  Gels  Powders  Ointments  Ear Drops  Creams  Nasal Spray Capsules  Topical Spray  Suppositories  Injections  Enemas  Inhalations  Lollipops