Nutritional Supplements

At Doctors Center Pharmacy, we carry a large selection of high quality pharmaceutical grade vitamins and mineral supplements for disease prevention and special needs. Our goal is to offer supplements that are selected solely on the basis of quality and purity and are provided in their most bioavailable forms. Many of our vitamin and mineral supplements are hypoallergenic and vegetarian.

We offer pharmaceutical grade supplements that do not have added coatings, binders, shellacs, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, colors, or fragrances. In addition, we offer products that do not contain wheat, gluten, nuts, egg, preservatives or hydrogenated oils. These supplements are beneficial for all age groups and no prescription is necessary. Pharmacist consultations are available to discuss what supplements are right for you in order to achieve optimal health.

Through careful coordination between physician prescribed medications, nutritional supplements and healthy lifestyle changes, we can help you reach your goals for an improved body.

Contact our compounding pharmacist at 334-793-1316 or by email for more information.

Health & Wellness Nurse

An on-site Health & Wellness nurse is available to offer blood pressure checks, vaccines, and basic wellness information while you wait. No appointment necessary, but please make sure to check specific hours of availability.

Wellness Screening Provider For The State Employees’ Health Insurance Board

Vaccination Clinic

Because we care, Doctors Center Pharmacy provides vaccines in a private nurse’s station for a more relaxed experience and we are happy to file vaccines on your insurance. For more information on CDC recommended vaccines, ask your doctor or visit us at Doctors Center Pharmacy.

We also offer Workplace Flu Vaccine Clinics. Offering such a convenient option for your business may ultimately save your bottom line during the flu season.

Medication Adherence Solutions

  • Compliance Packaging– We can make the process of taking and administering multiple medications easier, while also improving medication adherence. Allow us to package your medications in easy to use monthly dosing cards organized by time of day and day of week. This system simplifies medication administration for our customers and reduces the burden on caregivers.
  • Medication Synchronization– Medication synchronization is when the pharmacist coordinates the refill of your prescriptions so you can pick them up on a single day each month. Many people miss doses of their regular medications and med sync can make you more likely to take them. Med Sync eliminates the need to call in multiple prescription refills, allows you the convenience of fewer trips to the pharmacy, and provides an opportunity to meet with your pharmacist on a monthly basis to discuss your medications.

Durable Medical Equipment

  • Bathroom Safety Equipment
  • Walking Aides: Canes, Crutches, Walkers, and Wheeled Rollators
  • Transport Chairs
  • Nebulizers
  • Seat Lift Chairs
  • Diabetic Supplies – Monitors, Strips and Lancets
  • Off the shelf Orthopedic Braces
  • Therapeutic Support Hosiery