At Doctors Center Pharmacy we offer consultations with our pharmacist for a variety of needs. You can call the pharmacy at 334-793-1316 to schedule your appointment.

Pharmacist Medication Consultation

With today’s constantly changing medical treatments, Doctors Center Pharmacy will be happy to provide a pharmacist medication consultation. Our pharmacist will review your list of medications for possible drug interactions, drug therapy duplications and proper dosage and formulations. After reviewing for allergies, interactions, etc., each prescription is then filled with an accompanying Individualized Patient Information Sheet. During this consultation, we are happy to address any other questions or concerns.

Hormone Therapy Consultations

Our pharmacist is happy to help men and women interested in pursuing better health through personalized hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  If you are experiencing symptoms that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest, please call us today. We work hand in hand with you and your medical providers to ensure individualized treatment options.

Our consultation process begins with two steps.

  1. Please complete the appropriate comprehensive questionnaire below.
  2. Our pharmacy has available for purchase a convenient test kit to evaluate your hormone levels.  

Once we receive the completed questionnaire from you and the hormone test results from the lab, we will schedule a face to face consult with our compounding pharmacist. During this consult time, we will discuss the results and review your complete prescription history to screen for any potential issues. Once we have discussed the results, they will be shared with your medical provider so that an accurate, timely diagnosis and treatment plan can be made.

Contact our compounding pharmacist at 334-793-1316 or by email for more information.